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Will has designed and redesigned my website several times, based on my changing needs as an artist. We have always been very happy with the process and the results.

In addition to his significant skills as a graphic artist, Will brings conscientious passion: he cares about the work he does, and wants it to excel, technically as well as aesthetically.

Will took the time to listen to what my conceptual ideas were…[and] to craft a brand identity that was not only creative but clearly reflective of the vision I set forth.

Will is a talented designer and technologist who can take a business requirement, translate it into an elegant design, and bring it to fruition with the appropriate technology.

His ability to bridge the gap between graphic and technical worlds was key to the success of many projects we worked on together.

He blends an artistic eye, technical savvy and easy going nature with integrity and dedication…

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  • Christopher DeWan
  • J.C. Milam
  • Aydin Ghajar
  • Raphael Cariou
  • Jason Conte

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Will Lanni

Will Lanni


  • Graphic Design 75%
  • CSS 95%
  • HTML/Architecture 90%
  • PHP 65%