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Remember that first smart phone purchase? The excitement of buying a case for it, adding a screen protector, browsing and downloading apps, tracking your every movement in your map application…. Oh the excitement and fun!

Until you popped open the browser and tried to look at a web page. “What the… I can’t read this!” Sure, pinch and zoom were fun for about 30 seconds. But then having to drag the screen around to read every sentence, wait for massive image downloads on that old, slow network, or the discouraging “plugin not available” warning when trying to look at a site made wholly of flash content with no graceful fallback.

I remember the experience of the first responsive site I encountered on my desktop. I was shrinking my browser to view something in the background, and noticed that the entire interface reconfigured itself. “What… How… Where…” I had no idea what the technology was called, and shuddered at the thought of the amount of javascript that must have gone into it.

Silly me.

Since then, I’ve built multiple sites using Responsive technologies, including Muse Award winner Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in Los Angeles. There are still lots of challenges, especially with the growing number of devices with high resolutions, confusing our @media queries.

But that’s my job. For a while I begrudged the idea of having to learn and relearn my job every 6 months as new technologies appeared, until I saw a comparison of unemployment rates between web developers and the rest of the general population, and a research study demonstrating that constantly learning new things reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. Well, if that’s the case, bring it on. I’ll keep learning and developing with the latest tidbits in responsive design. My clients benefit from not having to worry about it. Win win.


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    I want to know how to use costume css in foundation frame work tell in simple steps so i can attach my css and java script file in foundation framework.How to compile scss file. I wanted to change my site in foundation framework tell me best way how to change my site in foundation 5 framework cause i m beginner in foundation.
    Please rply fast. Thanks

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  2. Costume CSS? Not sure what that is.

    How to attach a custom css and javascript file: Just add the normal script or link tags in the head, nothing different than any other web technology.

    As for compiling SCSS, there are entire webpages on it that will explain it better than me. The SASS documentation is pretty good. I use CodeKit on the mac. You can use Scout for windows.

    How to change your site in Foundation 5… have you looked at Zurb’s Foundation 5 docs? They are REALLY easy to read and understand, well written. I can’t do justice in a little comment box like this, especially when there are entire sites written about exactly this.

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