2CP Custom Payment Solutions

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2CP Custom Payment Solutions

Not every project is a build-from-scratch site construction. And not every free-lance web developer delivers.

2CP came to me to help them get their site fixed and launched ahead of an important convention. Their original developer—a low-cost over-seas freelancer—accomplished the initial build, but in a manner so hideous and convoluted that making updates and fixes was next to impossible for anyone not savvy with PHP, WordPress, CSS or Javascript.

I was hired to make fixes to content pages initially, but because of my graphic design background, I was given a little bit of free reign to make any cosmetic changes that could be accomplished rapidly and inexpensively. I worked with the 2CP team to identify visual problem spots, suggested changes, and then dove into the code nightmare that had been delivered to them to execute my recommendations.

Though the site is not functional for mobile or tablet—that was too far out of scope unfortunately, thanks to the original developer combining multiple mobile-friendly architectures in a jumble of hacked-together solutions—the end result is one where the type-face is unified, white-space is increased, and subtle graphic treatments are added. This gives the site more of a unified look and feel, matching closer to 2CP’s new logo and branding.

2CP also engaged me to help them fix issues on their marketing landing pages, where they were running into HTML5 video working in strange ways. I created fixes, re-rendered video, and updated their landing pages for them to get the video to act consistently across different browsers and operating systems.

You can view the updated 2CP site here: http://www.2cpusa.com/

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